Monday, May 23, 2011


Hate them. Unfortunately, they're a gardening necessity. Without them, we'd not have any birds or lizards. When you pimp pollen, you become painfully aware when they over step their bounds.

I hoped to pull some pollen from this seedling, but something beat me to it.

Fortunately, the bugger was still there so I could finally determine who the culprit was!

He was rather quick at getting away.

I figured out viewing bud identification sites it had to be a sort of Katydid. Sending the photos to Baldo Villegas, the State Entomologist, confirmed it is an immature Katydid.  Baldo has a great rose site containing many photos of diseases and insects as well as professional information concerning what to do about them. Here is the link. Baldo's bug and rose site I don't have any photos of a mature one...yet, but you can find them easily online.

Katydids can cause some real damage in your gardens. They'll eat just about anything. If you find these in your garden...

SQUASH THEM! They're Katydid eggs. They deserve to be squashed!