Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Finger Crossing - R. Primula

I was recently fortunate to have a lovely lady share cuttings of her R. Primula with me (thank you, Olga!). I'd never been able to detect any real fragrance from the foliage of "The Incense Rose", and she said hers did smell. When I opened the box, I smelled it! She was very generous with cuttings and they arrived in beautiful shape. A little too far out of dormancy for what I have had the best success with, but still beautiful. I cut off the growth which had already begun to form, processed the cuttings and put them in their wrap. I began crossing my fingers...

 My curiosity got the better of me today, two days short of the two week period. I unwrapped the cuttings to find they had callused very little, and several had begun deteriorating.

There did appear to be a bit of callusing going on a few of them.

 All have been potted, and my fingers remain crossed.

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  1. Kim, I hope that at least one takes for you or that it will sucker and you'll get one that way this year. Fingers crossed for you!