Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I think I bit off more than I can chew...

This pollinating year started very slowly. I planned on using Banksiae lutescens on anything which flowered at the proper time. The problem was, it remained pretty cool for the longest time. That was great for Lutescens, but bad for everything else. Nothing cooperated and I feared I would have to be satisfied using it with the trusty Queen Elizabeth out back. 

The right weather seemed to happen over night, as if someone flipped the switch. What I wanted to put the pollen ON, began flowering with the pollen donors. I was off like a shot! 

I knew many wouldn't take, as that's just the nature of the beast. I also knew I would lose many to the various "free loaders" who traditionally visit my roses. Some didn't take, and some were used as smorgasbord fodder, as expected, but many more succeeded than I expected! 

I began harvesting hips earlier than I normally would, in hopes of my collecting the fruit of my labors before the free loaders did, and I succeeded rather well! It seems, quite a bit better than I possibly should have... There are still about three dozen crosses left maturing (potentially being eaten) through the roses, but I have collected some 185 deliberate crosses of my own; only four "self" set crosses and two types which were graciously shared with me of things I wanted to try. That is a whale of a of rose seeds! 

I know there is no way I am going to find room to plant them all. There is a real limit to suitable places to create seedling raising areas, as well as a definite limit to space where they can be grown on, so some difficult decisions lie ahead. But, there really aren't any deliberate crosses I'm not interested in seeing the results of. How would anyone choose which NOT to explore? 

(IHT X LB) X (LT X CD) X Lutescens
(IHT X LB) X 42-03-02
(IHT X LB) X 86-3
(IHT X LB) X April Mooncrest
(IHT X LB) X Art Nouveau
(IHT X LB) X Blue for You
(IHT X LB) X Gloria Mundi
(IHT X LB) X Indian Love Call
(IHT X LB) X L56-1
(IHT X LB) X Pookah
(IHT X LB) X Pretty Lady
(IHT X LB) X Rayon Butterfed
(IHT X LB) X Secret Garden
(IHT X LB) X Tom Thumb
? X April Mooncrest
0-47-19DLFED X 1-72-1Hugonis
0-47-19DLFED X April Mooncrest
0-47-19DLFED X Comtesse du Cayla
0-47-19DLFED X Gloria Mundi
0-47-19DLFED X Indian Love Call
0-47-19DLFED X Joyberry
0-47-19DLFED X Lynnie
0-47-19DLFED X Rayon Butterfed
0-47-19DLFED X Secret Garden
0-47-19DLFED X Sweet Nothings
0-47-19DLFED X Walferdange
0-47-19DLFED X Wild Dancer
0-47-19POO X Tom Thumb
1-72-1DLFED X Hugonis
1-72-1DLFED 8 X Comtesse du Cayla
1-72-1DLFED 8 X Secret Garden
1-72-1DLFED 9 X Rayon Butterfed
1-72-1Hugonis  X (IHT X LB)
1-72-1Hugonis  X Astra
1-72-1Hugonis  X Comtesse du Cayla
1-72-1Hugonis  X DLFED 4
1-72-1Hugonis  X Doc
1-72-1Hugonis  X First Impression
1-72-1Hugonis  X Golden Wings
1-72-1Hugonis  X Indian Love Call
1-72-1Hugonis  X Joyberry
1-72-1Hugonis  X L56-1
1-72-1Hugonis  X Lilac Charm
1-72-1Hugonis  X Magic Wand
1-72-1Hugonis  X Mrs. Charles Bell
1-72-1Hugonis  X Open Arms
1-72-1Hugonis  X Purpurea
1-72-1Hugonis  X Rayon Butterfed
1-72-1Hugonis  X Secret Garden
1-72-1Hugonis  X Self
1-72-1Hugonis  X Tom Thumb
1-72-1Hugonis  X Wild Dancer
42-03-02 X 86-3
42-03-02 X Hugonis
April Mooncrest X First Impression
April Mooncrest X Gardens of the World
April Mooncrest X Joyberry
April Mooncrest X Porcelain Rose
April Mooncrest X Rayon Butterfed
Art Nouveau X Art Nouveau
Astra  X Muriel
Blue for You X Blue for You
Cal Poly X ?
Cal Poly X 1-72-1Hugonis
Cal Poly X 42-03-02
Cal Poly X 42-03-02
Cal Poly X 81-02-09
Cal Poly X 86-3
Cal Poly X April Mooncrest
Cal Poly X Blue for You
Cal Poly X Cecil
Cal Poly X Cineraire
Cal Poly X Gardens of the World
Cal Poly X Gina's Rose
Cal Poly X Little Butterfly
Cal Poly X Lutescens
Cal Poly X Lynnie
Cal Poly X Maytime
Cal Poly X Minutifolia
Cal Poly X Porcelain Rose
Cal Poly X Pretty Lady
Cal Poly X Purpurea
Cal Poly X R. Fedtschenkoana
Cal Poly X Rayon Butterfed
CPDLFED 3 X Rayon Butterfed
CPDLFED2 X Secret Garden
CPDLFED3 X Joyberry
DLFED 1 X Rayon Butterfed
DLFED 3 X 1-72-1Hugonis
DLFED 3 X Rayon Butterfed
DLFED 3 X Secret Garden
DLFED 3 X Wild Dancer
DLFED 4 X Rayon Butterfed
Eyeconic Lemonade X Eyeconic Lemonade
Eyes for You X Gardens of the World
Eyes for You X Lynnie
First Impression  X ?
First Impression  X 1-72-1Hugonis
First Impression  X April Mooncrest
First Impression  X Art Nouveau
First Impression  X Blue for You
First Impression  X Gardens of the World
First Impression  X Grey Pearl
First Impression  X L56-1
First Impression  X Lutescens
First Impression  X Rayon Butterfed
First Impression  X Sweet Nothings
Gardens of the World X L56-1
Gina's Rose X ?
Gina's Rose X R. Minutifolia
Golda Banks X 1-72-1Hugonis
Golda Banks X Lamarque
Golda Banks X Lutescens
Golden Horizon X 1-72-1Hugonis
Grey Pearl X Lamarque
I03-4-5 X I03-4-5
Indian Love Call X 1-72-1Hugonis
Indian Love Call X April Mooncrest
Indian Love Call X Blue for You
Indian Love Call X DLFED4
Indian Love Call X Lutescens
Indian Love Call X Morcrest
Indian Love Call X Orastarmag
Indian Love Call X Rayon Butterfed
Indian Love Call X Secret Garden
Kordes Brilliant X Joyberry
Kordes Brilliant X Tom Red
L56-1 X 1-72-1Hugonis
L56-1 X Basye's Thornless Wichurana
L56-1 X Cal Poly
L56-1 X Comtesse du Cayla
L56-1 X Indian Love Call
L56-1 X Lamarque
L56-1 X Minutifolia
Lilac Charm X DLFED 4
Lynneraire X Lynneraire
M37-1 X ?
Maytime X 1-72-1Hugonis
Maytime X Centre Stage
Maytime X DLFED 4
Maytime X Lutescens
Maytime  X Golda Banks
Mrs. Charles Bell X 1-72-1Hugonis
Old Master X Muriel
Old Master X Tom Red
Picasso X Muriel
Picasso X Tom Red
Pink Gate X 1-72-1Hugonis
Pink Petticoat X 1-72-1Hugonis
Pink Petticoat X 42-03-02
Pink Petticoat X 86-3
Pink Petticoat X Blue for You
Pink Petticoat X L56-1
Pink Petticoat X Lamarque
Pink Petticoat X Lutescens
Pink Petticoat X MInutifolia
Pink Petticoat X R. Fedtschenkoana
Pink Petticoat X Sweet Nothings
Porcelain Rose X Porcelain Rose
Pretty Lady X ?
Pretty Lady X Gina's Rose
Pretty Lady X Lynnie
Pretty Lady X Maytime
Queen Elizabeth X Lutescens
Queen Elizabeth X R. Minutifolia
Show'n Tell X Rayon Butterfed
Show'n Tell X Tom Red
Sunburn X 1-72-1Hugonis
Sunburn X Lutescens
Sunburn X Porcelain Rose
Sunburn X R. Fedtschenkoana
Sunburn X Rayon Butterfed
Sweet Nothings X 1-72-1Hugonis
Sweet Nothings X 42-03-02
Sweet Nothings X 81-02-09
Sweet Nothings X Annie Laurie McDowell
Sweet Nothings X Blue for You
Sweet Nothings X Cal Poly
Sweet Nothings X Ebb Tide
Sweet Nothings X First Impression
Sweet Nothings X Joyberry
Sweet Nothings X L56-1
Sweet Nothings X Lamarque
Sweet Nothings X Peace
Sweet Nothings X Rayon Butterfed
Tom Brown X Tom Brown
White Cecil Brunner X Pink Petticoat
Xanthina X Xanthina