Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First 2014 Wraps

The weather and plant conditions appear to finally be appropriate for callusing. I've wrapped a few earlier batches to test the conditions and create some examples to use for the presentations I've given for local rose societies, but none had produced the results I discovered yesterday when these were unwrapped. 

The variety is an experimental seedling Ralph Moore created some years ago. He pollinated Golden Angel, a lovely Wichurana based yellow mini he created with what he grew as R. Soulieana. What makes this a special hybrid is, the Soulieana Mr. Moore grew produces repeat flowering seedlings in the first generation. Traditionally, it requires several more generations to get repeat flowering from most species, and particularly from Soulieana. This one apparently carries and transmits repeat in one generation as this is most definitely a hybrid. 

These cuttings hadn't callused as well as I'd hoped after their first thirteen days in the wraps. I checked, in hopes there were ones I could use for examples for a demonstration I presented that evening. Nope. None were sufficiently along to sacrifice. Fast forward three days...wow! These were all unwrapped Sunday, the 20th and planted. 

Notice how even the slight amount of cambium exposed by breaking the prickle free from the bark produced callus. 

 Every source of exposed cambium began callusing. 

Roots actually began forming in three days!

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