Friday, December 19, 2014

Budding Over Buds

I have been asked whether it's possible to insert a bud where the stock naturally grew one. Yes, it's possible, and it can work, but here is the potential issue...

I deliberately inserted this bud of the proposed "Real Bloomfield Abundance" over where I (hopefully!) thoroughly removed the buds from the piece of Pink Clouds. All of the Bloomfield Abundance buds have definitely taken, but this new shoot may actually be one of the Pink Clouds guard buds remaining in the stock after I attempted removing them. Had this been above or below the Bloomfield Abundance bud, I would know it was definitely a "sucker" from the Pink Clouds. 

All six of the Bloomfield Abundance buds are green and swelling, almost two months after being inserted into the stock. 
 But, because I inserted this one over where a stock bud grew, I'll just have to wait until it grows and possibly flowers before I will know for sure what this growth is. Having only seen what the proposed Real Bloomfield Abundance's foliage looks like on the cuttings these buds grew on, and not really remembering much about them due to the urgency I felt to get them budded, I can't tell yet which this is. 
If it is Pink Clouds, I have budded this one in a manner permitting a suckering issue which may cause the desired rose to fail. So, while, yes it IS possible to bud where the stock grew a bud, as I suspected, it probably isn't something you really WANT to do. 

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