Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What herb is this?

I recently moved to the Central California Coast, but had to be back in the "old stomping grounds" for business. I HAD to visit Green Thumb/Green Arrow Nurseries as they had been my primary "go to source" for all the neat, weird and wonderful plants needed for my gardens. 

Of course, since their closest store is now almost two hours from me, one of the plants which followed me home came without a label. It was on the herb rack, right beside the Helichrysum italicum, Curry Plant and resembles it slightly. Its tag stated it also has the "curry" flavor and can actually be used to season food as it is edible, where the Helichrysum isn't. Now, I need to find the identity of the edible "Curry Plant". Any thoughts? Thank you!

Helichrysum italicum
This is the supposedly edible "Curry Plant". It sort of reminds me of a type of Buckwheat, but it definitely has a "curry" type scent to the foliage. 


  1. Kim can't help with ID. if no one replies, check Name the plant forum. You'll have a response in the same day :-)

  2. Thank you! I've also emailed Green Thumb, from whom I bought it, but it's a nice plant and perhaps it could be interoduced to others who might also enjoy it? I'll check that out.