Monday, May 22, 2017

2017 Pollen from varieties not on Help Me Find-Roses

L56-1 X Burgundy Iceberg. Large, arching, once-flowering shrub with good foliage. 

Ping Dong Yue Ji X R. Fedtschenkoana - once flowering.

L56-1 X Grandmother's Hat (Big Pink) - not sure about repeat yet.

L56-1 X Grandmother's Hat (Deep red)

L56-1 X Mutabilis, large plant, repeats.


Pretty Lady X R. Fedtschenkoana, once flowering.

IHTLB X Renae - [International Herald Tribune X (Lilac Charm X (Old Blush X R. Banksiae))]  X Renae. Climber, repeats, not much scent.

Lynnie Moss - Lynnie X Kim Rupert. Continuous bloom.

Tom Brown X 1-72-1Hugonis. Once flowering.

0-47-19DLFED X Tom Thumb (double pink) -[(Wichurana X Floradora) X Fedtschenkoana] X Tom Thumb. Large plant, some repeat.

APMC X Pookah - April Mooncrest X Pookah. Climber, regular repeat. Autumn foliage.

First Impression X April Mooncrest (FIAPMC). Soft licorice scent, great foliage, cresting and continuous flowering.

(LTXCD) X DLFED4  - (Loving Touch X Country Dancer) X (Dottie Louise X Fedtschenkoana) (the repeat flowering seedling). Some repeat.

DLFED5 X Tom Thumb. Repeats like Fedtschenkoana.

Ping Dong Yue Ji X R. Fedtschenkoana. Once flowering.

Indian Love Call X L56-1 (Black). Great foliage, large stiff shrub, once flowering, little scent.

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