Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 seedling germinations after the first three weeks under soil

I didn't cold stratify my seeds this year. I have usually only put them in the refrigerator to delay germination until I could plant, which, in the previous, hotter climate, was traditionally the week of Thanksgiving in late November. That was due to the excessive heat levels there until that time (historically, but not in the most recent years when it remained much too hot even then) and the "rainy season" usually began about that time, helping me to keep them watered. The seedlings KNOW the difference between hose water and rain. They will sprout with the hose, but they explode with rains! 

This year, we've not really had "winter" and we've only received about a third of the annual rain totals we should expect. The "rainy season" is almost over and the only predicted storms are forecast to be very light and often not extending down as far south as we are. I waited to plant the seeds, in hope of it actually being "winter" and some rains to arrive, but I didn't want to wait too long and have "summer" conditions begin early which would serve to inhibit germination. 

These results are from planting occurring between the second and fourth weeks in January. I feel they are pretty dramatic for the lack of cold stratification and "winter" and absence of any rains to assist in germination. 

Here are what have started life in the first three weeks... I apologize for not being able to highlight all the clickable links in red. Some Blogger would permit, others it refused to insert. Click on the names of the roses used in the crosses and (hopefully) you will be taken to that rose's page on Help Me Find-Roses.

Lilac Charm X 1-72-1Hugonis
Lilac Charm X R. Stellata mirifica
Lilac Charm X (Golden Angel X  R. Californica "nana") which is now believed to have been R. Bridgesii

Lilac Charm X R. Minutifolia
Lilac Charm X Annie Laurie McDowell
Lilac Charm X Cl. Lady Hillingdon
Lilac Charm X Himalayan Snow, a Kiftsgate X Old Blush poly bred by A.C. Tunningley, sent to me by Robert Rippetoe

Irish Hope X 1-72-1Hugonis flore plena
Irish Hope X R. Xanthina
Irish Hope X R. Spithamea Double form

Pacific Serenade X R. Xanthina

 (First Impression X 1-72-1Hugonis) X R. Xanthina

[L56-1 X (Art Nouveau X April Mooncrest)] 

 X R. Xanthina
L56Min#2 X Paul Barden's 81-02-09

Sterling Silver X Atmore Lamarque
Grey Pearl X Atmore Lamarque

1-72-1 X R. Spithamea Double form
1-72-1 X R. Minutifolia
Golden Angel X R. Minutifolia
Golden Angel X R. Stellata mirifica
Golden Horizon X R. Minutifolia

The biggest surprise of all have been the Nessie seedlings. Nessie is a product of the monster, Montecito, which was originally thought to have been a cross between R. Moschata X R. Gigantea, but is now believed to be R. Brunonii X R. Gigantea because the rose in commerce as Moschata in the US at the time it was bred was actually Brunonii. Montecito is a monster, "Jack and the Beanstalk" type of plant. Nessie is likely the product of Montecito X Mlle. Cecile Brunner. Montecito was definitely the seed parent. 

The seeds were the tiniest I have ever found from such a large plant, sufficiently small I thought that surely they wouldn't germinate. I was wrong! Of all the groups which have begun germinating, Nessie's seeds are sprouting like grass!

Several of these combinations should also pretty much develop into monsters!

Nessie X Mutabilis
Nessie X Banksiae lutescens
Nessie X Purezza
Nessie X George Washington Richardson, which is highly likely Mlle de Sombreuil
Nessie X Sweet Riley
Nessie X Eyes for You
Nessie X Lilac Charm or Secret Garden, the seeds got mixed. Things happen!
Nessie X Golden Angel
Nessie X Florence Bowers Pink Tea
Nessie X Paul Barden's 42-03-02, a self seedling of Ralph Moore's 0-47-19, R. Wichurana X Floradora
Nessie X Faith Whittlesey
Nessie X Grey Pearl
Nessie X April Mooncrest
Nessie X Tom Thumb

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